Internships abroad

Internships abroad

Erasmus+ student guide „STEP BY STEP”

STEP I – Looking for an institution for an internship

The student himself finds the host institution and obtains a Learning agreement for traineeships. This document is a declaration of readiness to accept a WAB student for an Erasmus internship and should include the name of the institution, the exact address of the institution, a proposal for the date and thematic scope of the internship, must be printed on letterhead and include the signature of the representative (e.g., president, director, HR manager) and the institution’s seal.

Learning agreement for traineeships is an agreement between the student, WAB in Wroclaw and the host institution, specifying the tasks that the student will perform during the internship, the skills that the student should acquire and the ways in which his/her work will be evaluated. The agreement is the basis for the recognition of the internship period carried out at the foreign institution/company/institution. This document must be signed by all three parties before the student’s departure, and a copy should be given to each party.

STEP II – student qualification for the program

Qualification of the student by the Admissions Committee of the WAB in Wrocław on the basis of documents

STEP III – formalities in Poland

  • Health insurance – A student leaving under the Erasmus+ program is obliged to insure himself/herself against medical expenses, accidents and third-party liability covering possible damages caused during the internship. Basic health insurance is guaranteed by the European Health Insurance Card issued by the National Health Fund upon the student’s request and application and on the basis of a certificate from the Erasmus+ WAB coordinator. Health insurance is not the same as accident insurance, which is purchased from a voluntary insurance company (e.g., Euro 26 card, Planet of the Young, ISIC).
  • Personal foreign currency account (Euro) – The grant payment is made after the signing of the agreement between the student and WAB. The student receives the grant in at least two installments.
  • Financial agreement for the trip – The agreement signed by the student with the university includes a detailed scope of obligations.
  • ERASMUS Student Charter – The ERASMUS Student Charter is a list of basic rights and obligations of Erasmus outgoing students. You should familiarize yourself with its contents, observe the obligations imposed and claim your rights. Available in the “Documents” section.

STEP IV – stay abroad

Extension of stay
Extension of stay at an Erasmus host institution is only possible within one academic year. You cannot extend your stay for another academic year, even without receiving a grant. In order to extend the stay by additional months within one academic year, approval must be obtained from the host institution and the home university.

Students extending their stay by additional months may or may not receive additional funding.

STEP V – credits for internships abroad

Based on the documents – internship agreement, confirmations on the implementation of the internship, confirmation of the date of stay, the student goes to the Erasmus Program Coordinator.

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STEP VI – return from the internship

  • Learning agreement traineeships, part “After the Mobility” – This is a document that certifies the realization of the program objectives of the internship, along with its evaluation issued by the internship supervisor at the host institution. In this document, it is obligatory to specify the exact start and end date of the internship, as well as information about the realization of the internship program objectives and its evaluation issued by the supervisor of the host institution.
  • Confirmation of stay – A document to be completed by the host institution confirming the start and end dates of the internship.
  • Filling out an online questionnaire – ERASMUS+ student/graduate: upon return from the host institution, the student is required to fill out the Erasmus Scholarship Holder Questionnaire. Filling out the Erasmus Scholarship Holder Questionnaire is necessary for financial settlement of the internship. The questionnaire is filled out online – access to the questionnaire only through Mobility Tool (MT), administered by the EC. An automatic message is sent to the grantee with a link to the online survey form.
  • Filling in an online language test

Grant amounts – internship

Countries belonging to the groupMonthly rate for projects accepted in the 2022 competition
Group 1 – Denmark, Finland, Irland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luksemburg, Norway, Sweden, and countries of the region 14700 €
Group 2 – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Malta, Netherland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and countries of the region 13700 €
Group 3 – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary600 €