Scholarship for students in difficult financial situation. The criteria is a monthly income per family member. The scholarship is to be allocated on application by the student.

All scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee on the basis of an application submitted to the Bursary Office or the Student Financial Service Office.

Detailed information and conditions for granting scholarships are set out in the Scholarship Regulations, which should be available to Students in the first half of September. During this time, applications for individual scholarships, instructions for filling in applications and all additional information regarding scholarships for a given academic year will also be available for download.

Types of scholarships

Rector’s scholarship

The scholarship is allocated on the basis of the average of studies in a given academic year and scientific, sporting or artistic achievements.

Full-time students may apply for an increase in the amount of a social grant for living outside their place of residence – in a flat or a student dormitory rented in Wrocław. 

Special scholarship

The scholarship to students with a current disability certificate, regardless of their family income. The scholarship is to be allocated on application by the student. 

Minister’s scholarship

The Minister’s scholarship is awarded for achievements in science and outstanding sporting achievements. Applications for the Minister’s scholarship shall be submitted by a higher education institution on behalf of a student once the student has provided documentation of his/her achievements. 

One-time subsistence allowance

Aid for students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation due to random circumstances. It is granted at the student’s request, on the basis of documents proving the deterioration of personal or family finances.

Scholarships for the academic year 2023/2024

Applications for the Rector’s scholarship in the winter semester 2023/2024 should be submitted by the deadline of 28.10.2023.

The first deadline for submitting applications for social and disability scholarships, and one-time financial aid in the academic year 2023/2024 is 28.10.2023, while in the following months applications can be submitted by the 15th of the month.

Applications for the Rector’s scholarship, scholarship for disabled students and financial aid can be submitted in room 1/6 in the Student Financial Services Office

Only the originals of fully completed applications with their attachments are accepted. Applications can also be sent via post to the University’s address – the date of receipt is decisive. Applications must be filled out legibly and include the dates and a student’s signatures under all statements. Submitting an incomplete application will delay the decision and payment of the benefit.

The Student is required to submit a set of documents.

The Student must submit the Polish language version of the application. Attached application template in English language is translated 1:1 to help the student fill in the application in Polish language. Filled English language applications are not accepted.

Documents to download