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International Week 2023

This year’s edition of the International Week took place between 29th May and 2nd June 2023 in the terms of exchange for teaching and training staff mobility under the Erasmus+ exchange programme. Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences hosted 20 participants from different  countries as UK, Czechia, Belgium, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands and Denmark.

According to the Erasmus+ regulations, foreign lecturers had lectures and took part in several workshops organised by the WAB staff that aimed to get to know each other (Icebreaking Workshops), gain some knowledge about Poland (Cate Study Poland) and present Explain Everything – a platform for online learning and teaching, created by Bartosz Gonczarek, PhD. Due to the International Week 2023 lecturers, students but also high school pupils had the opportunity to attend public lectures that were broadcast online as well and you can find them on our Facebook. Public lectures were devoted to two topics: ‘Personal Branding’ given by Guram Sherozia from European University, Georgia and ‘Bleisure’ (combing business and leisure) by Rob Davidson from the University of Greenwich, UK.

The main aim of this International meeting is not only devoted to lectures and workshops but also spending time together with all foreign participants that allows future fruitful cooperations. The excursion around Wroclaw allowed to obtain the knowledge that allowed to get to know colourful and equivocal history of the city and helped with answering almost flawlessly Case Study Poland’s quizzes. The culinary workshops followed the rule ‘sharing is caring’ and gave the chance to taste the traditional vegetarian Polish cuisine using the seasonal vegetables and fruit.

The last day of this incredible various and fantastic week was spent in the Lower Silesian Region where our guests visited Baroque 17th century  Peace Church in Świdnica (UNESCO listed) and the part of Table Mountains National Park’s trail leading to Szczeliniec.

International Week 2023 program

Photo Gallery of the International Week 2023

International Week 2022

From 16th to 20th June Wroclaw Business University of Poland organized the International Week in the framework of Erasmus+ Exchange Program for the Teaching and Training Mobilities. WAB hosted more than 20 participants from 9 different countries!

Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences was visited by participants from countries like Austria, Czechia, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and UK. During this exceptional and intensive week our guests took the classes with our university’s students, got familiar with the university, met administration staff and analyzed the work fields, as well as exchange the work experiences.

International Week’s guests took part in the network workshops where the future cooperation, interests and research fields were discussed but also had an opportunity to compare the different functions of universities. Thanks to the universities fairs every participant could get take a closer look at universities and present opportunities for the future and fruitful cooperation. At the time of the International Week 2022, our university organized as well the International Conference “Best Practice in Accessible Tourism. Case study of V4 Countries’ where each and every incoming attendee could participate.

In order to get to know the city and the Polish hospitality the participants explored Wroclaw with the guide and took part in the culinary workshops where the traditional Polish cuisine was prepared, learnt and refresh the knowledge of the first aid and integrative design.

The last day of the IW 2022 was devoted to the trip to the Lower Silesian Region including the Old Mine in Wałbrzych and Polanica Zdrój with its beautiful spa park.

International Week 2022 program

Photo Gallery of the International Week 2022