Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council of WAB is a group of representatives for our University and the highest student self-governed body, whose scope of rights and obligations applies to all forms of student presence of life in the University.

If you are active, creative, like to participate socially and have a passion for the common good, you can inspire others and are highly motivated to act, and at the same time you care about gaining experience useful in your future professional work – join the group of members of the Student Council of the Wroclaw Business University.

Goals and mission of the Student Council

  • WAB Student Council is a place where young, active people can develop their passions and skills!
  • Members of the student council come from different European countries, so that during the cooperation they learn about their cultures and customs, and can exchange their experiences.
  • Together they learn to work in a group, develop themselves and their interests, take an active part in the creation of the academic community and, most importantly, make acquaintances that in the future may result in cooperation at different levels of life.
  • Members of the Council set many tasks for themselves to be carried out during the academic year, in order to integrate students of WAB and to spend the period of study as actively and creatively as possible.
  • The Student Council organizes many events, including
    • Academic Picnic
    • The Hermes Rally
    • Football Tournament
    • The university’s juvenile
    • and a lot of themed events
  • All these events are organized on the initiative and activity of local government members, members of student circles and clubs and the entire student community
  • In its activities, the Council does not forget about providing help, including charity actions, where collected donations and income is transferred to the neediest.
  • The Student Council represents students of the Wrocław School of Economics during >meetings with representatives of the University and in the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

Chairman: Diana Savchuk

Contact details:

Room: 2/4

email: [email protected]

Facebook: handlowi

Instagram: @samorzad_studencki_wsh_wroclaw