16 lutego 2022

Pierluigi Bucci

Pierluigi Bucci is the Head of EU Customer Success at Fanplayr, one of the fastest growing start-ups in the Silicon Valley, with the mission to  make behavioral data actionable in real time.

He loves to understand the nuances about customers behaviors and in particular to convert potential users to loyal customers and to raise their profitability through the right amount of real time actions (customized per each category of users). His attention to details and expertise in the field made him a perfect candidate to not only supervise all European campaigns, but also to directly manage key accounts in Europe with a direct communication with relative key C-level executives. 

His key areas of expertise include: customers segmentation, smart and targeted conversions, campaigns management, design and set up of online marketing strategies, e-commerce, account management.

Previously to Fanplayr, Pierluigi was Customer Insights and CRM at Sky and a Statistical Marketing Consultant at Nunatac.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierluigibucci