05 October 2022

University of Business in Wroclaw has been promoted to Academy in Applied Sciences! – press note

University of Business in Wroclaw has been in existence for 25 years, and this anniversary was lavishly celebrated at last year’s Inauguration of the Academic Year, as well as during the events accompanying the occasion. There were commemorative lectures, a concert by the university’s Voicechestra choir, and the recording of many special videos.
During the course of this special year, we received approval from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s July 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science to raise the University’s profile and change its status to an Academy of Applied Sciences.

A special day, distinguished guests and a great moment for the academic community.

The inauguration of the 2022/2023 academic year was extremely important for us, so we could not miss special guests. We were honored by their presence, including Prof. Krzysztof Zanussi (film and theater director, producer, screenwriter), who gave the inaugural lecture, Dr. Bartholomew E. Nowak (Chairman of the Executive Council at the Wrocław School of Economics), Dr. Agnieszka Górska (Rector of the Olsztyn School of Economics), Prof. Wawrzyniec Konarski (Rector of the “Vistula” Academy of Finance and Business in Warsaw), Ms. Ewa Pańka (Rector of the “Education” School of Management in Wrocław), Dr. hab. Monika Lewandowicz-Machnikowska (Dean of the Faculty of Law and Social Communication at SWPS in Wroclaw), Mr. Sebastian Lorenc (Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw), Prof. Grażyna Światowy (First Rector of University of Business in Wrocław) and many other distinguished guests from the field of science and business, as well as students.

Rector of University of Business in Wroclaw on name change.

With such a distinguished group, the Rector of the WSH, Dr. Roman Fulneczek, announced the new name of the university. But how did he justify such a decision? “The change of the name of a non-public higher education institution to a name containing the words ‘Academy of Applied Sciences’ can take place after obtaining the approval of the Minister responsible for Higher Education and Science at the request of the Rector of the institution or its founder. In order to obtain the status of an academy, several conditions had to be met, including that the academy must have been in operation for at least 10 years, provide first- or second-cycle studies in at least five majors. Another very important condition is that none of the fields of study conducted by the academy has been assessed negatively as a result of the Polish Accreditation Commission’s evaluation of the quality of education. These and other requirements the university has met. Our application submitted to the Minister has been reviewed and approved.”

Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences – new challenges, but also opportunities.

The words of the Rector “The inauguration is a symbolic beginning of a new stage – systematic hard work” perfectly reflect what awaits the university in the coming year, but also in the coming years. For the change means not only an image upgrade of the logotype and name, and the upcoming major work of the entire academic community to show that the Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences (WAB) is another milestone in the strategy assuming continuous development and the pursuit of excellence. The values of University of Business in Wroclaw were: continuous development, integrity and responsibility, creativity and innovation, integrity in communication, search for excellence, prudent leadership, tolerance and inclusion, and sustainability. These slogans and actions will not be foreign to WAB, and the students and graduates, as well as the successes achieved, will become an embodiment of the aforementioned values.