Engineering degree

Engineering studies at the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences are an unconventional system of teaching that enable the acquisition of knowledge and qualifications necessary in today’s labor market.

About the engineering studies

The program for all fields of study has been adapted to the needs of both students and the business world. First degree, part-time and full-time studies at the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences include courses that enable students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and develop soft skills (creativity, communication skills, teamwork skills, ability to work under stress, time management, crisis management). Our students are prepared to take up various challenges by experienced, creative and reliable lecturers who organize extremely interesting exercises every semester.

By choosing the engineering studies at WAB you will learn the key principles of modern business as well as the national and international economy. You will be able to categorize and analyze data, learn not only how to use specialist vocabulary, but also understand the definitions of business terms. During our studies we offer internships and even employment at many reputable companies.

The activities undertaken during the engineering studies teach not only technical knowledge, but also show what the real world of business looks like, which cannot be seen in any lecture. Internships give our students a lot of satisfaction and it is thanks to the classes that their business personality is formed. First degree studies at WAB are multicultural in character, so the university guarantees English and German language courses, thanks to which will be better prepared to work on the international market.

In addition, you will participate in foreign workshops, debates and lectures when you decide to study for the engineering studies, full-time or part-time. The aim of higher education is to prepare future generations to function in modern, globalized companies. Graduates of the first degree studies, equipped with knowledge and competences, build the foundations of their careers. Choosing first degree studies at the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences, you focus on education, development, but also on an incredible adventure. Join the group of esteemed graduates of the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences.