Safe WAB

At Wrocław Business University of Applied Sciences, safety is a top priority. We have an efficient and proven system that allows students from many countries and cultures to coexist safely and smoothly.

WAB is committed to implementing the highest standards to ensure equal treatment of all members of the academic community and does not tolerate any form of threat, security breach or discrimination (including sexual harassment).

In the event of threats, security breaches or discrimination and violence, students, employees and persons performing work or services for WAB under a civil contract may file complaints with the Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination Officer.

Contact the Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination Officer:

[email protected]

The procedure for responding to incidents of threat, breach of security or discrimination and violence against members of the education staff and forms of assistance to victims of violence at the WAB, sets out the rules for countering the phenomenon of threat, breach of security or discrimination, violence and handling the situation of such incidents.

Safety procedures