Students with disabilities

Wroclaw University of Business in Applied Sciences is a modern university that creates friendly conditions for studying for people with various disabilities. To enable such students to fully participate in the educational process, WAB has facilities both in the organizational and didactic spheres.

Organizational amenities

Architectural barriers have been eliminated at the university, and all infrastructure inside the building is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. People in wheelchairs can easily access the university building thanks to special ramps. An elevator inside the building allows free movement between floors and access to all lecture halls, computer rooms, the dean’s office, the library and the student cafeteria located on different floors. The sanitary facilities have also been designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind.

In the current academic year, we are planning to prepare and make available an adequate number of parking spaces for people with disabilities.

Zdjęcia udogodnień

Didactic amenities

WAB is equipped with the necessary technological means to facilitate the teaching of students with disabilities.

The WAB library has a computer workstation fully adapted for people with disabilities. The equipment includes a raised desk of increased size, allowing wheelchair users and others with mobility disabilities to use the station freely. The workstation is equipped with a modern computer with a 27″ monitor and software that magnifies and voices text, for the needs of the visually impaired.

A scanner with OCR software allows the use of classic publications using specialized Super Nova Reader Magnifier software. A special keyboard and mouse make it easier for people with physical disabilities to use the computer. In addition, the library is equipped with an electronic magnifier.

The library has an increasing number of publications in e-book form for students’ use and independent work.

In order to make it easier for students with disabilities to work during classes, computer labs have been equipped with stations with Super Nova Magnifier magnification software. The computer workstations are designed to allow wheelchair users to enter freely (adequate entry width and space between each workstation has been provided).

In an easily accessible area in the hall of the university building there are two computer workstations with Internet access adapted for people with physical disabilities and the visually impaired. You can print out documents at the workstation.

The Wrocław Business University of Applied Sciences assists students with administrative matters and efficient flow of information through a virtual dean’s office and email service.


Marcin Szymkowiak
Coordinator for Persons with Disabilities
[email protected]