TOEIC® Listening and Reading

TOEIC® Listening and Reading

TOEIC® Listening and Reading is now the most commonly passed English language test in the work environment. It is the most important language certification that:

  • was created at the request of companies and responds to their needs for verification and certification of English language proficiency,
  • nearly 7 million candidates pass it each year,
  • is recognized by more than 14,000 global companies and corporations,
  • focuses on the practical side of language proficiency,
  • can be passed at any time in closed (on-demand) sessions or open sessions at ETS centers across Poland,
  • allows you to receive your results in as little as 24 hours after the test, with a maximum of 10 calendar days,
  • is the equivalent of passing a language course at many Polish and foreign universities,
  •  is recognized by the Civil Service in Poland, the required score is 700 points,
  • is always passed – the candidate receives a score in the form of points on a scale of 10-990,
  • gives the candidate a detailed Score Report with an interpretation of the score,
  • gives the candidate a Certificate, which is a valuable addition to the resume (CV),
  • is a language audit tool used by leading employers.

 Test TOEIC® Listening and Reading measures language competency at levels A1 to C1, the Listening & Reading module of the test focuses on testing listening comprehension and reading comprehension.

Test TOEIC® Listening and Reading consists of 200 test questions, divided into two sections Listening Comprehension (100 questions) and Reading Comprehension (100 questions).

Exam form:

Listening Comprehension (duration: 45 minutes) – 100 test questions

  •     Section I – interpretation of photographs – 6 questions
  •     Section II – short situational dialogues (question-answer) – 25 questions
  •     Section III – conversations, 13 conversations – 3 questions to each – 39 questions
  •     Section IV – longer statements, announcements, etc., 10 statements with 3 questions to each – 30 questions

 Reading Comprehension (duration: 75 minutes) – 100 test questions

  •     Section V – completing sentences with the passage that best fits the context – 30 questions
  •     Section VI – completing longer texts with fragments that fit the context – 16 questions
  •     Section VII – authentic business texts and questions to the text, single passage – 29 questions; double passages – two related texts to read with questions below – 25 questions

Test result is the number of points on a 10-990 scale, a precise score report with a description of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and a certificate in five different colors, depending on the score.

  •  orange: 10 – 215 points;
  •   brown: 220 – 465 points;
  •   green: 470 – 725 points;
  •   blue: 730 – 855 points;
  •   gold: 860 – 990 points.

The improved version of the test is mainly:

  • increased emphasis on practical language use,
  • 4 different accents in the Listening section (Canadian, British, American and Australian),
  • testing the ability to understand vocabulary in the professional work context,
  • testing of linking facts and information in a foreign language

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