MBA Human Capital Management

MBA Human Capital Management

Study mode: weekend 
Form of studies: online + offline 
Duration: 10 months (2 semesters) 
Number of hours: 300 hours 
Language of instruction: English  

MBA Human Capital Management is a course prepared by practitioners and dedicated to specialists interested in knowledge and current management trends in the human resources sector. The studies are compensated knowledge, because apart from stationary meetings, students receive access to the e-learning platform, where they carry out additional lessons at a convenient time and pace. The studies equip students with MBA HR Manager qualifications. 

The aim of this course is to improve the management and leadership competences of managers or directors of HR departments. Students learn in a practical way all aspects of management and human capital management in organizations. The study program covers 2 semesters during which management and HR issues are implemented. The overriding assumption is to prepare highly qualified managerial staff equipped with practical and effective management tools to co-create a personnel strategy in the organization. 

Postgraduate studies are directed to: 

  • people holding managerial positions at the middle and higher level of personnel management, HR departments or performing the functions of HR Business Partner in organizations, 
  • people preparing for professional promotion to managerial positions related to roles in HR, 
  • people planning to change their professional path, e.g. from general management to HRM, 
  • people planning to improve management competences, 
  • people who focus on personal development by investing in their future. 

Main benefits 

– You will quickly obtain the necessary knowledge, practice and qualifications (instead of three semesters, you study only for 2 semesters + e-learning lessons). 

– Learning only by the workshop method – no boring lectures. Classes are prepared by practitioners for practitioners. 

– You will receive the international certificate of the American Certification Institute® – our strategic partner Heuresis is the exclusive partner authorized to carry out certification in Poland and Europe 

– You will acquire and deepen knowledge of management in general and specific knowledge in the field of human capital management, in particular related to the management of a knowledge-based organization 

– You will acquire modern tools for measurable and effective building, shaping and implementing personnel policy in enterprises 

– Upon graduation, you will be prepared and equipped with the practical skills to perform human capital management leadership functions in both global organizations and SME enterprises 

– The studies will allow you to adapt and manifest social competences adequate to modern HRM and to learn how to shape attitudes of commitment, cooperation and responsibility 

– You will experience the most important group processes 

Students will have the opportunity to participate in classes in the field of: 

  • general management 
  • human capital management 
  • change management 
  • problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making 
  • improving the competences of the organization 
  • financial management 
  • recruitment and recruitment policy 
  • labor law 

The program includes 11 modules – each module provides knowledge and tools needed in the work of a modern HR manager. 

These modules are: 

Management – general level and human capital management – specialist level. A dose of general and specialist knowledge provided by trainers-practitioners. 

Workshop classes – during which you will discuss and practice the tools necessary for a modern HR manager. 

A total of 2 semesters – 300 hours 


  • 240h of workshops – practical dimension of studies, 
  • 52 h – additional knowledge during e-learning, 
  • 8 hours – diploma and additional ONLINE consultations with lecturers 


  • Management 
  • Manager and Leader 
  • Manager as a catalyst of changes in the organization 
  • Problem solving and decision making 
  • Finances 
  • Strategic human capital management in the organization 
  • Planning human capital in an organization 
  • Competency management 
  • Individual, team and organization development tools 
  • HR management aspects of the 21st century 
  • Labour law 
Registration feeBasic tution fee2 basic instalments4 basic instalments8 basic instalments
500 PLN21 900PLN11 498 PLN5 886 PLN3 011 PLN
107 EUR4 670 EUR2 451 EUR1 255 EUR642 EUR


  • DO 31 STYCZNIA 15%
  • 1.02 – 29.02 10%


Bank account number for payments

Please direct all fees to the account below:

Bank Ochrony Środowiska

  • Opłaty w EURO / For payment in EURO:
    PL 76 1540 1030 2103 0004 9462 0004
  • Opłaty w PLN / For payment in PLN
    60 1540 1030 2103 0004 9462 0001

by writing in the title: MBA registration fee + candidate’s name

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Recruitment process and completion of documents

  1. Fill out the enrollment form.
  2. Complete the required recruitment documents:
    • Legalised or apostilised copy of the diploma of completion of higher education degree (at least first-cycle) studies with the supplement (with due translation)**
    • Completed application form for admission to MBA Program
    • Confirmation of payment of administration fee
    • 1 photo with the size of 35×45 mm (as for an ID card)
    • 1 colour photo as for an ID card with the size of 236×295 pixels with the resolution of 300 dpi, recorded in jpg format, delivered on a CD or by e-mail
    • Certificate of disability** (if applicable)
    • Signed education agreement (2 copies)
    • Copy of the passport
    • Copy of the visa, residence card or other document entitling to stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland, certified by the University (if available)
    • Copy of the Card of the Pole certified by the University (if available)
    • Copy, certified by the University, of the insurance policy (if available) or the insurance card (if available)
    • Invoice data
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Signed Ordinance of The Rector on tuition fees and other fees
    • English proficiency certificate(in case of MBA program in English version) **
  3. Provide recruitment documents:
    • in person to the Center of MBA and Postgraduate Studies (rooms 3/13 and 3/14)
    • by regular post
      Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences
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      53-238 Wroclaw

      with the notation “Center of MBA Studies”
    • by scan to [email protected]

**Original documents should be provided for review.


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