16 lutego 2022

M.SC. Georg Siegert

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: macroeconomics, business cycle research, financial economics

Georg Siegert is working as a Research Associate at the Chair of Macroeconomics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany) since August 2010. His research focuses on the linkages of financial market valuations and real investment decisions. At HHL’s Chair of Macroeconomics, Mr. Siegert is the responsible Teaching Associate for Macroeconomics, Competitiveness and Managerial Economics, which he also taught in the MBA program of Lanzhou University. Mr. Siegert graduated from KU Leuven’s Advanced Studies in Economics Program and the University of Regens­burg, where he worked as a research associate in the field of real estate finance. He gained experience abroad in the Czech Republic, Poland, and China.