16 lutego 2022

dr Natalia Krej

University of Wroclaw, Department of Law, Administration and Economy, Specialization: civil law, commercial law

Doctor of law science, PhD dissertation defended on 28th of November 2011r., the title of doctoral dissertation “ European Stock Company in registration procedure”, under the leadership of prof. dr hab. Elwira Marszałkowska-Krześ in the Institute of Civil Law, Department of Civil Procedure at University of Wroclaw, from 2010 radca prawny associated in OIRP in Wroclaw, from 2002 a chairman of the supervisory board in ZTS TRAWOS Sp. z o.o., from 2006 in charge of legal services as a lawyer in the commercial companies from mining sector – the market of company KGHM S.A. and other connected companies, own law office from 2006, providing the legal services for foreign companies in China, including setting up and running the representative office of one the polish companies, the knowledge and experience of the Chinese market, an author of the books and articles