16 lutego 2022

dr Adam Drab

Institute of Management and Marketing, Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa, Poland; Institute of Marketing and Trade, VSB – Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic

Dr. Drab is an example of a blend of academic experience with simultaneous involvement in business life. He represents Barons Financial Services S.A., UK-Swiss investment bankers, in Central Europe. He served at numerous boards of Polish and foreign companies. He is a Chairman of The Supervisory Board of Indeco S.A., producer of taylor-made modern furniture systems. Dr. Drab spent his childhood in India, as a result he treats India as a second fatherland and loves Indology. He also lived in Egypt, Lebanon, Zambia, Brazil and UK (Scotland). His hobbies are Indology (history and culture of India), epistolography, ancient history, traveling, marathon swimming