16 lutego 2022

PH.D. Arshad Ahmad

Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning. Director, McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning. 3M National Teaching Fellow. President, Society for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. Vice-President, International Consortium of Educational Developers

Dr. Ahmad earned his MBA & Ph.D. at McGill University and is presently the AVP, Teaching and Learning at McMaster University. He is also the Director of the McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning (MIIETL).

Dr. Ahmad has won several student-based and university-wide awards from both Concordia and McGill Universities, as well as the Professor of the Year award from the International Bled School of Management. In 1992, Dr. Ahmad was nationally recognized for leadership in teaching with a lifetime 3M Teaching Fellowship.

Dr. Ahmad was elected President of the National Society for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) in Canada, which has over 60 institutional and up to 1,000 faculty members. He has also coordinated Canada’s only national teaching and educational leadership awards program – the 3M National Teaching Fellowships for the past 10 years http://www.stlhe.ca/awards/3m-national-teaching-fellowships/.

In 2012, Dr. Ahmad was elected Vice-President of the International Consortium of Educational Developers (ICED) http://icedonline.net/ . Consisting of 23 member organizations worldwide, ICED aims to improve good educational practices in higher education.