16 lutego 2022

dr Łukasz Srokowski

University of Business in Wroclaw,  
Specialization: management theory, organizational culture and communication

Sociologist, business coach and consultant. Has prepared and lead more than two thousand hours of business trainings, for companies such as Alstom, Bertelsmann, Boehringer-Ingelheim, BZWBK, Dialog, Eurobank, Frigo Logistics, GATX, HP, Impel, Nasza-Klasa, McCain, Velux, Volkswagen czy Whirlpool.

Lukasz Srokowski graduated from Wroclaw Universities faculty of social sciences in 2007 and obtained his PhD with honors in 2010. He has authored many scientific publications on the fields of management and organization theory, including the book about organizational culture and change: „Zmienić myślenie o firmie. Zarządzanie kulturą organizacyjną w Polsce”.