16 lutego 2022

DIPL.-KFRR. Anja Hagedorn

– HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
Specialization: entrepreneurship, innovation management

Ms. Hagedorn studied Business Administration at the University of Leipzig with the specialties Banking, Insurance and International Economic Relations. Before she started working for HHL- Leipzig Graduate School of Management, she was an assistant to a corporate account officer at Commerzbank AG. She also wrote her diploma thesis in cooperation with the Commerzbank with the topic: “Entwicklung einer Systematik zur Beurteilung der Zukunftsfähigkeit von Agrarbetrieben für die Commerzbank”, where she investigated the innovativeness of agricultural corporations and the sustainability of these innovations. She joined the Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank Chair of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at HHL in August 2011 as a full time associate for the cooperative-project SMILE- Self Management Initiative Leipzig, which helps academic members to build up their business. Ms. Hagedorn is also working on her PhD at the Chair in the field of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship