First year university student’s guide

First year university student’s guide

We have prepared for you detailed information about your studies, university, and documents, so that you know everything before you start your studies.

Student ID card – a document certifying the status of a student. It contains basic personal data as well as a photo. Issuing a student ID card costs PLN 22.00 (foreign students pay a fee together with a fee for studies). The fee should be paid to the individual bank account for settlements with the university or in the bursar’s office (room 3/11). IDs are issued by the Dean’s Office at the beginning of October.

The Dean’s Office is located in room 1/1 and deals with student problems. Here you can collect your ID or extend its validity, apply to the Dean and discuss other student matters.

Each student is added to each group depending on the form of classes. Groups are defined by the Dean and are available on the virtual Dean’s Office in the My Groups section and on the board in the university building. A change of group requires the consent of the Dean.

Registration for the language groups will take place on the basis of a test of knowledge of the declared foreign language. The information about the division into language groups will be available in the same way as the others.

Full-time students start their classes on October 1st. Study schedules for students and meeting dates for part-time students will be available in the Virtual Dean’s Office two weeks before the start of the academic year.

In the University of Business in Wrocław, contact with all university units is obligatory by means of e-mail correspondence according to the scheme [email protected]Please use your student e-mail address actively. Each e-mail message should be signed and contain information:

  • name and surname (for foreign students – as in the passport!)
  • year of study
  • a degree (bachelor’s degree or master’s degree)
  • faculty
  • mode (full-time and part-time)

All information about student mail is available on the Virtual Dean’s Office.

The album number is a unique and individual number assigned to each student. It is your ID at the university. As a student you usually give it in contact with individual university units.

This number can be found on the third line of your student ID. The album number allows you to log in to the virtual dean’s office.

The virtual dean’s office is the equivalent to an index. You will find timetables, dates of meetings, subjects taught in a given semester and lecturers assigned to them. In addition, you will verify the status of payments, learn answers to applications submitted to the Dean and much more useful information such as university regulations (section Ordinance), announcements. Access to the virtual dean’s office is provided by an album number (login) and a password (starter) for the date of birth of the student in the YYYYY-MM-DD format.

The most important internal legal document at a higher education institution is the Study Regulations (regulations available at the virtual dean’s office/ ordinances/ regulations/ regulations/ regulations/ regulations of studies) and can be inspected by the dean’s office. In addition to the regulations at the university, the Rector and the Dean (also available at the virtual dean’s office in the Regulations tab) and on boards at the university created by the Rector and the Dean.

You can find information about the grants in the Virtual Dean’s Office or the Bursar’s Office (room number 3/11). Remember that a grant is available to persons who are Polish citizens or who study under the rules applicable to Polish citizens (e.g. with the Card of the Pole).

If you need a certificate of student status, bank or other, you should go to the dean’s office. A certificate may be issued without any outstanding payments towards the higher education institution and after the payment for the issuance of such a document.

A foreigner who comes to Poland with a visa is obliged to have insurance of  minimal amount 30 000 euro, valid during the planned time spent in Poland. The insurance should cover healthcare expenditures, staying in hospitals and coming back to the country of origin due to health problems or death.

You may take out insurance in your country ( the list of insurance agencies you may find on the consulate website) for one year, then take out an insurance in Poland.

Student foreigner may voluntarily take out insurance in the National Health Fund or in private insurance agencies.

NFZ Insurance

Monthly contribution amounts to 46,80 zł. For doctor’s appointment one must have a copy of contract with NFZ, Social Security (ZUS) application and confirmation of payment of last month’s contribution.

How to sign a contract with National Health Fund?

1.Prepare the documents: the  student certificate, Student’s ID, passport

2. Apply for voluntary insurance in Lower Silesian Branch of National Health Fund (Dawida Street nr 2)

3. After signing a contract you must register it in ZUS ( the branch depends on the place of residence)

For people living in Śródmieście district and Psie Pole district: I Inspektorat ZUS in  Wrocław, 50-225 Wrocław,  Reymonta Street 4/6

For people living in Fabryczna district and Stare Miasto District: II Inspektorat ZUS in Wrocław, 53-641 Wrocław,  Litomska  Street 36

For people living in other districts: III Oddział ZUS in Wrocław, 50-930 Wrocław,. Pretficza  Street 11

Private insurance

The students may take out a group private health insurance Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Zdrowie S.A. for foreign students at University of Business.

You will get it during registration of residence.

Pesel is a basic record number obligatory in Poland. It is given to every foreigner who lives in Poland. The foreigners who intend to stay in Poland no longer than 30 day do not have to get Pesel number. Documents needed: passport and the documents obtained in Poland-visa, residence card, temporary permit to stay.

Foreign students who study full-time have a right to work without permit (Regulation of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of 21st April 2015).

You may find job ads here:


You must check if your school diploma is equivalent to Polish diploma :

If your diploma is not covered under international contract, you must apply for validation at Local Education Authority ( Kuratorium Oświaty)

Kuratorium Oświaty in Wrocław
Plac Powstańców Warszawy 1
50-153 Wrocław
tel. 71 340 63 36,
fax 71 340 63 22

More information available on website:

Foreigners not living in UE who study in Poland may apply for temporary permit to stay. Students may obtain this permit if the purpose of their stay in Poland is beginning studies at Bachelor or Master Studies or continuation of full-time daily studies. First residence card you get for 15 months, next one may be issued for the time of studies, no longer than 3 years.

Where to get Residence Card?

Lower Silesian Governor’s Office (,

Passport and Customer Service Department

Powstańców Warszawy 1

Working hours: Monday and Wednesday 8am-6pm, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-4pm

More information available here:,Studia.html

Application for temporary stay should be submitted personally. While submitting a student is obliged to have their fingerprints taken

Booking an appointment:,System-rezerwacji-wizyt.html

  • The Governor may refuse to issue another residence permit if a foreign student failed the exams during academic year.
  • If the student is crossed off a list of students the Rector or Head of Recruitment  is obliged to notify immediately The Governor in a written form about this situation.
  • After graduation, a graduate of Polish University is allowed to stay in Poland for one year and look for a job.

Citizens of countries not belonging to EU must register at Municipal Office  the latest on the fourth day of stay in Poland, if they are going to stay longer than 14 days.

To register for temporary stay you need:

  • A passport
  • Visa or residence card
  • Application for temporary stay
  • Rent contract or a signature of a person who is owner of the flat on the document ( this document must be shown at the office). Students who live in a dormitory register there.

More information:

Registration is free of charge.

Documents issued in foreign languages ( school diplomas, certificates etc.) should be translated at the Polish sworn translator, registered at State Register of Sworn Translators of Polish Ministry of Justice.

More information regarding sworn translators :

Organization supporting foreigners living in Wrocław 

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InterNations Wrocław – a group of foreigners in Wrocław:

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