• teaching staff, research and teaching staff and administrative staff who have worked at the university for a minimum of one calendar year under an employment contract.


A Staff Teaching Mobility for the purpose of teaching at a partner university (so-called STA)

  • is only possible to foreign universities with which Wrocław Business University of Applied Sciences has a signed partnership agreement or with which the University intends to sign an agreement,
  • is intended for teaching or research and teaching staff.
  • During the mobility, the employee is required to conduct at least 8 hours of teaching,
  • the mobility should last from 2 to 5 days (excluding travel days)
  • prior to the mobility, the academic staff member is required to submit a Teaching program approved by the home university and the host university.

Staff Training Mobility (so-called STT)

  • is intended for administrative employees of the university.
  • An employee may go to foreign institutions, e.g. companies, organizations, educational institutions, including a university with an ECHE card, in order to improve skills and qualifications needed at work, exchange experiences, improve competencies, expand knowledge in a given field (participation in a training course, seminar, workshop with elements of training, job shadowing visit, etc.).
  • the basis for applying for a mobility of this type is an individual training plan (work plan) prepared by the employee. This plan must be approved by the home university and the host institution and signed by three parties (both institutions and the administrative officer)

Step 1 – Recruitment

The employees will receive information about the commencement of recruitment for the mobilites to their e-mail inbox. They will also find it in the Erasmus tab for the employees, along with a link to the application form, the mobility regulations and other required documents.

Application form link:


Step 2 – Gathering information

The employee independently seeks a host organization (for teaching, training, job shadowing, participation in International Week)

The list of partner universities can be found in the file below:

We are open to establishing cooperation with more partners. If you are interested in going to a university with which we do not have an agreement, please contact us:([email protected] or [email protected]).

It is a good idea to follow the search engine http://staffmobility.eu/ on which you can find information about upcoming events like International Week and trainings in which you can participate using funds received from the Erasmus+ program.

Step 3- Results announcement

After the meeting of the Admissions Committee, the employee will receive to his/her mailbox information about the results of the competition and the award or denial of the mobility grant.

Staff mobility rules and regulations

Step 4 – Signing of the teaching /training mobility agreement

The next step is the signing of a tripartite agreement between the employee, the host organization and the sending organization (WAB). The agreement contains information about the sending and receiving organization, the mobility participant who is leaving, and the planned course of the mobility, objectives and expected results.

The applicable forms are below:

Mobility Agreement; Staff Mobility For Teaching (STA)

Mobility Agreement; Staff Mobility For Training (STT)

Step 5- Signing of the financial agreement between WAB and the employee

Before leaving, it is necessary to sign an agreement on the responsibilities and rules in connection with the mobility granted. The amount of the grant depends on the length and location of the stay. The grant is awarded to subsidize living expenses and teaching or participation in training. The grant is transferred to the outgoing employee’s bank account at Santander Bank maintained in EURO currency.

Financial agreement template:

2021 grant amount:

2022 grant amount:

Formal requirements before and after the mobility

Before mobility, the mobility participant is required to:

  • arrange with the University and the host organization an individual teaching program – in the case of departure of an academic teacher to teach, or an individual training program in the case of departure of an employee to participate in training,
  • sign a financial agreement with the University
  • submit of a copy of insurance for the duration of the mobility (stay in the host institution and travel insurance covering damage to or loss of luggage), covering the following areas: accident and serious illness insurance (including permanent or temporary incapacity), medical expenses, civil liability (including professional indemnity or third-party liability insurance where applicable), death (including bringing remains from abroad in the case of projects carried out abroad).
  • pick up a delegation form for the duration of the trip at the Bursar’s Office
  • complete a language test
  • submit an application for an EHIC card, i.e. the European Health Insurance Card for the purpose of a business trip (http://www.ekuz.pl/)
  • set up a foreign currency account (in EURO) in a bank designated by the University.

After the mobility, the mobility participant is required to:

  • Provide the International Cooperation Office with a document confirming the mobility with dates and signature of the responsible person from the host institution/ certificate of completion of training.
  • Provide an insurance policy, confirmation of the purchase of tickets, fuel receipts (when traveling by ecological means of transport – so called green travel)
  • Filling in the questionnaire of an Erasmus mobility participant (the link to the questionnaire is sent to the employee’s e-mail inbox after the end of mobility)

For the mobility, appropriate rates are provided depending on the destination country chosen and other guidelines. Grant amounts can be found in the files below.