University mode: Full-time
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Language used: English

Are you interested in a master’s degree in management in Wrocław? Do you want to gain practical knowledge that you will use in your future work? Check out the offer of the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences! With us you can study project management, find out what Internet marketing is all about and how to manage your human capital. 

Study practically – choose Management at WAB

The second degree in management at the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences lasts 2 years (4 semesters) and is conducted in two modes: full-time and part-time. To educate our students to the best of their ability, the Master’s degree in Management includes optional classes – everyone can choose the best way of education for themselves. The management program is divided into 5 content areas: 

  • general,&nbsp>
  • basic,&nbsp
  • faculty,&nbsp
  • practical

We have developed this field so that it stands out with its unconventional approach, while respecting traditional methods.

Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences takes care of a practical program of education in all fields of study. Master’s studies in management in Wroclaw include internships and apprenticeships, during which students gain experience and skills in their field of expertise, and thus – self-confidence.

The specialities:

  • Internet marketing in practice
  • Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility>
  • Strategic Human Capital Management
  • Project management

Modern program of study

Regardless of which specialization you choose, you will acquire knowledge of the field of study after completing this course:

  • economy
  • marketing
  • law

While creating the proposed specializations, the market trends and tendencies were taken into account, so our graduates are well acquainted with today’s functioning of the corporation.

Comprehensive education acquired during our master’s studies in management is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and passion. Whatever specialization you choose, you’ll learn to analyze the market, manage modern documentation, and quickly make accurate decisions.

Graduate of Management at WAB

Every year, our MA studies in management in Wrocław produce a group of well-educated graduates who are prepared for professional work. Learning at the faculty of second-degree management gives them the awareness that they have been trained from beginning to end, from theory to practice. During your studies we offer two language courses (German and/or English), which are conducted according to modern linguistic methods. At the end of this study you will be able to speak at least one foreign language fluently. In addition to our expertise, we will train you in soft skills, which are necessary in high positions:

  • communicativeness
  • creativity
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • crisis management

Check what other master’s studies are offered by the Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences and join the group of satisfied graduates.

The program of studies in the field of Management is a response to the needs of the market – it was fully adapted to the practical profile. This way, our students can be confident that at least 50% of their classes will focus on providing and developing practical professional skills. Both the choice of subjects and the form of their implementation are adapted to the current requirements of practice and meet with recognition from employers.

  • Organization management
  • Strategic HR management
  • Marketing management
  • Multicultural communication
  • Financial management of enterprises
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative methods of management
  • Polish/German/Spanish/English
  • Business negotiations
  • Innovation in enterprises
  • Project management in practice
  • Sustainability and CSR in practice
  • Strategic management
  • Modern management concepts
  • Management accounting
  • Foreign language in management A2
  • Seminary 1
  • PR management
  • Practice
  • Process management
  • Change management
  • Law in business
  • Seminary 2
  • Subject of specialization 1
  • Subject of specialization 2
  • Subject of specialization 3

*The list of specialty subjects is in the SPECIALITIES tab

  • Team building and leadership
  • Examination of professional competence
  • e-business
  • Enterprise value management / Analysis and financial evaluation of the enterprise
  • Seminary 3
  • Subject of specialization 4
  • Subject of specialization 5
  • Subject of specialization 6

*The list of specialty subjects is in the SPECIALITIES tab

Wroclaw Business University of applied sciences has a transparent payment system. We guarantee permanent fee throughout the duration of the study period. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current table of fees.

If you have any question or require any further information, please contact our Recruitment Office – phone: +48 71 333 11 07.

In the Management course we offer you a course in five specialties:

Internet marketing is one of the most dynamically developing branches of marketing. More and more organizations move their activities to the network to use its potential to build a brand and look for potential customers. Within the specialization “Internet Marketing in practice” you will gain knowledge and skills in the field of SEO (activities promoting websites in search engines), viral marketing, social media, video marketing, etc. You will learn about activities aimed at developing a strategy for launching a product in the market, its promotion, as well as PR activities – using the Internet. You will understand the specificity of the digital community, learn how to create online campaigns or use mobile applications for marketing purposes.

Subjects of specialization: 

  1. Internet marketing strategies
  2. Internet marketing tools
  3. website positioning
  4. Google AdWords and Analytics
  5. social media marketing
  6. e-PR content marketing

Sustainability is a process of change that ensures that our needs are met without compromising the development opportunities of future generations. As a student of this specialization you will gain knowledge and skills in politics and strategies of continuous economic and social development without harming the environment and natural resources, on whose quality depends the continuation of human activity and further development. You will get to know the benefits and difficulties encountered by enterprises interested in taking action in the area of building social capital.

Subjects of specialization: 

  1. Strategy of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility
  2. Integrated environmental management
  3. Waste management – circular management
  4. Green management of human resources
  5. Ethics in business
  6. Sustainability and CSR reporting

Modern dynamic changes in the organization’s environment and shortages in the labor market require a strategic approach to human capital, which consists of employees’ competences, knowledge, skills, motivations, behaviors and attitudes towards work. Within the Strategic Human Capital Management specialization you will gain knowledge and skills in the field of contemporary challenges in the field of intellectual capital: talent identification and development, multiculturalism and internationalization, coaching and mentoring.  You will also learn about the recent popularity of personal and employer branding, and during the internship classes you will learn how to build brand management strategies.

Subjects of specialization: 

  1. International aspects of human capital management
  2. Coaching and mentoring in an organization
  3. Employer branding
  4. HR project management
  5. Labor law in the international dimension
  6. Managerial career development

Project management is the answer to the needs and challenges of the market. The growing popularity of the project approach creates a demand for specialists: both members and project team leaders. This applies, it should be stressed, to virtually every industry. During your studies you will gain knowledge and skills in the methods and techniques of managing various projects. You will be ready to create an analysis of the organization and, using the right methodology, you will take action to change and improve it. Professionals – practitioners – will provide you with their experience in, among others, scheduling, budgeting and team management.

Subjects of specialization: 

  1. International project management methodologies
  2. Tools for project analysis and planning
  3. Project team management
  4. Financing of projects
  5. Project risk management
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of projects

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