12 April 2021

Check which course is best for you!

Check which course is best for you!

Research shows that matching the field of study to the student’s interests correlates with better academic performance. Answer the questions of our test to see which direction is best for you.

We know that it is not an easy decision, so especially for future students or people who are thinking about changing the field of their studies, we have prepared an opportunity to take a professional test that will answer the question: which field of study is the best for me?

About the professional test

The test consists of 30 questions relating to various professional activities. It was created on the basis of J. Holland’s theory about professional choices. The matching algorithm analyzes six types of candidate profiles: Realistic Type, Research Type, Artistic Type, Social Type, Entrepreneurial Type, Conventional Type. This allows for precise adaptation to the university’s fields of study and specialization, as well as the argumentation of the student’s professional profile.

Just click!

To perform a professional test, go to the website www.handlowa.eu and click on the widget in the bottom corner.